PrettyLitter: A Helpful Tool in Monitoring Your Cats’ Health

Daniel Rotman, founder of PrettyLitter, with his kittens. (©PrettyLitter)

By Jennifer McKee

In honor of National Cat Health Month, we talked with Daniel Rotman, founder of PrettyLitter. Rotman created the brand in 2015 after he lost his childhood cat.

An odor-controlling, health-monitoring cat litter, PrettyLitter changes color to tell you when your cat has a potential health issue, so you get your cat to the vet before the situation becomes urgent.

Once a subscription-only product, PrettyLitter is now sold at Target, and Martha Stewart recently signed on as spokesperson for the brand.

Cats can be the funniest, greatest companion and will always surprise you as you spend more time with them.

—Daniel Rotman

Augusta Magazine: If there’s a potential issue with your cat, does PrettyLitter change color right away, or does it take time for the litter to intensify?

Daniel Rotman: PrettyLitter will change colors within moments of your cat using the litter box to indicate acidity or alkalinity outside of the normal range, plus the visible presence of blood. If you notice an abnormal color, we do recommend mixing the litter and observing the color over the next day or so, because temporary changes in diet or stress could be the culprit. If the color change persists, then it’s likely time for a visit to the vet.

Of course, if there are other concerning symptoms regardless of the litter color, contact your vet promptly. PrettyLitter helps keep tabs on your cat’s health, but is not a diagnostic tool—that can only come from your veterinarian.

AM: How do you recommend owners with multiple cats use PrettyLitter?

DR: PrettyLitter is great for multi-cat households. If you notice an abnormal litter color, we do recommend keeping a careful eye on who uses the litter box or if needed, temporarily isolating one cat with PrettyLitter to identify which is causing the litter’s color change.

AM: It seems that PrettyLitter would be of particular value to those with senior cats. Could you speak to that?

DR: PrettyLitter can be very helpful for senior cats. As cats age, occurrences around health issues can become more frequent. Plenty of PrettyLitter users are senior cats and we see great value for cats at all life stages. It’s important to note that common conditions such as urinary tract infections or bladder crystals can occur with cats at all ages so it’s important to have a tool like PrettyLitter to help keep tabs on your cat’s ongoing health.

Animal lover and cat parent Martha Stewart is now the spokesperson for PrettyLitter. (©PrettyLitter)

AM: As a lifelong animal lover, what have been the first warning signs you’ve personally seen that a cat is not feeling well?

DR: My childhood cat, Gingi, coming down with a feline illness was an important factor that motivated me to create PrettyLitter. In Gingi’s case, I noticed that she became lethargic and was having difficulty eating, but I know that signs differ greatly based on the cat and the reason they’re not feeling well. It’s a difficult and sad thing for any cat parent to experience.

AM: How many animals do you currently have?

DR: I have two fantastic cats, Cali and Max. Cali and Max are a brother and sister that I adopted together as kittens.

AM: In addition to its health-monitoring benefits, what are other highlights of using PrettyLitter?

DR: When I created PrettyLitter, I set out to make the all-around greatest litter. In addition to health monitoring, PrettyLitter is convenient, lightweight, delivered free to your door, and has fantastic odor control. Using PrettyLitter means no more last-minute trips to the store or hauling around heavy, dusty, grey litter. The litter industry was ripe for innovation, and PrettyLitter is the new generation of litter.

Monitor your cats’ health with the help of PrettyLitter. (©PrettyLitter)

AM: What are your personal tips for keeping a cat happy and engaged?

DR: When it comes to keeping your cat happy and engaged, it really comes down to enriching their environment and positive interaction. Providing access to toys and games that engage your cat even when you’re not home can help them stay active and happy indoors. Cat-safe greenery like spider plants can provide another form of enrichment and they look great in the home!

Cats like to explore and aren’t afraid of moving vertically, so it’s very space-efficient to have a tall cat tree or catwalks and shelves along the walls. They should also always have a slightly enclosed space to feel safe retreating to, like a box or even a nook next to furniture. In addition to environmental enrichment, giving your feline family members plenty of love is so important. Play with them, pet them and snuggle up when they show interest in interacting with you. Cats can be the funniest, greatest companions and will always surprise you as you spend more time with them.

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