Publisher Notes: October 2020

We finally made it to October y’all! Ten months into 2020 and life is slowly beginning to return to some sense of “normal”. Whatever that is.  

Area school kids returned to the classroom after what was the longest break in modern history. Restrictions on local events and gatherings have been slightly relaxed. And honestly, people seem to be cautiously excited about being able to be out and about again.   

No doubt this year has brought many challenges to our daily lives. It has forced us to evaluate the way we interact with each other, both professionally and personally. But my hope is we are going to emerge more united as a community. 

Every October we devote this issue to featuring the “Best of Augusta.” This year is no exception.  

Voting for the annual contest began in April and ended in late June. The votes were tallied and winners were named. We honor those winners within this issue. What isn’t happening this year, is our annual celebration. Due to continued restrictions on large gatherings, we will not host the Best of Augusta Celebration. 

We do however, want you, our readers to help us salute these businesses and individuals and support them when the occasion arises.

Throughout the coming year, make sure to check back with us on for giveaways and promotions featuring the Best of Augusta! 




This article appears in the October 2020 issue of Augusta Magazine.


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