Tips for Living Your Best Life from Self-Care Guru Marla Goldberrg

Marla Goldberrg is the creator of “My Sacred Journal,” in addition to “The Original Scream Pillow” and the “30 Day Meditation Challenge.” (©Marla Goldberrg)

By Jennifer McKee

Whether it be concerns related to the pandemic, politics or simply the stressors of daily life, we all need to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Nationally renowned healer and meditation expert Marla Goldberrg is helping to make the world a more caring place, one podcast and instructional book at a time. Here, she shares her best tips.

“Don’t think you can do it all, and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t,” says Goldberrg, in what could be her manta. Goldberrg speaks from experience, not only from doing all the things young girls feel are expected of them: run a thriving household, raise children and create a successful work life, but trying to find time for oneself in the balance.

It involves taking the time to truly know yourself and your issues, what your stumbling blocks are. The first step is to pull back on some of your unnecessary habits. “A lot of women try to do everything,” Goldberrg continues. “In the long run, it takes its toll on you on all levels. Who are you proving things to? It’s only yourself.”

Learn more about the metaphysical through Goldberrg’s podcast. (©Marla Goldberrg)

Goldberrg, who trained at a specialized school, has used many different modalities in helping people. Her first tip?

“I always go to meditation, that should be the No. 1 thing,” says Goldberrg. Finding it hard to focus yourself? Goldberrg’s 30-day challenge guides you through 30 different meditations, one for each day of the month. She also recommends that journaling become a habit, and having a gratitude practice. “Remind yourself of all the things you have that other people may not,” says Goldberrg. “It can be a great reminder (to focus on the positive).”

“Moving is always one of the top five,” Goldberrg continues. “I’ve never met anyone—whether they walk, run, dance or practice yoga—who feels bad when they’re done. Take a nice, relaxing hot bath. Play a game. Get some paints and finger-paint like you were five,” she adds.

Looking to delve deeper into the metaphysical? You won’t want to miss Goldberrg’s “Guided Spirit Conversations” one of Apple’s highest-rated podcasts.

Perhaps Goldberrg’s most comforting advice is as follows. “We should treat ourselves like an elegant, fragile egg. Because we talk to ourselves worse than we do to our worst enemy. Know that everything is temporary. It may take longer than we would want, but it will pass eventually. It’s really important that people are gentle with themselves, and treat themselves like a precious item, because they are.”


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