Innovative and Inspiring Eco-Friendly Products for Earth Day—and Beyond!

ThreeMain’s eco-friendly dish soap and plant-based sponge. (©ThreeMain)

By Jennifer McKee

With so many eco-minded companies today, there are a great wealth of products to make every day Earth Day. From socks to shampoo bars to new kinds of cat litter, discover these sustainable goodies that are joy to use.

Health & Beauty

John Masters Organics has long been an Earth-friendly brand. A pioneer in haircare, company founder John Masters was the first hairdresser in the industry to ban aerosol sprays of any kind. Today, his hairspray is one of only a handful of USDA-certified organic hair sprays on the market.

Lush’s dreamy Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar. (©Lush)

Another longtime Earth-friendly brand, Lush’s innovative waste-reducing initiatives include “naked” products without packaging, a black pot recycling program for products in packaging and knot wraps, made from organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles, for use in lieu of wrapping paper (another great use is as a scarf). We can’t get enough of the dreamy Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar; one bar is equivalent to three plastic shampoo bottles.

Unwrapped Life’s The Healer shampoo and conditioner bars.(©Unwrapped Life)

Another great source for shampoo bars is Unwrapped Life. The plastic-free beauty brand is on a mission to prevent more than 2.5 million plastic bottles from entering our oceans, and, just in time for Earth Day, it’s released a limited edition set called The Healer. These shampoo and conditioner bars are inspired by the healing powers of Mother Nature and use essential oils of orange bitters and distilled lime to wake you up.

Some of the adorable designs from Bumkins (©Bumkins)

For the Home

Whether you need a reusable bag for school or work snacks, to use in your suitcase, organize your home, use on a stroller, or to store your wet items safely away from the dry, Bumkins has you covered.  There are so many uses, only your imagination is the limit. Bumkins’ durable bags come in a variety of sizes and are completely machine washable and dishwasher safe—you’ll want multiple quantities and multiple sizes. Adult- and kid-friendly designs are available—DC Comics, Nintendo and Disney among them.

Keep your house disinfected with CleanWell products. (©CleanWell)

Love the ease of disinfectant wipes, but not the harsh smell? Turn to CleanWell, which uses a thymol-based formula, a natural derivative from the thyme plant, in its wipes and sprays. Its products are EPA-registered and List N approved for use against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and the brand is committed to reducing waste by using only the materials it needs.

Detergent jugs are a thing of the past thanks to Kind Laundry. (©Kind Laundry)

Here’s one we haven’t seen before—Kind Laundry is truly a revolutionary laundry detergent sheet that’s gentle to the environment. It eliminates the need for plastic jugs, 70 percent of which are never recycled. The biodegradable laundry sheets help reduce carbon emissions by 94 percent, and its packaging is 100 percent recyclable. Simply drop a pre-measured sheet or two (depending on load size) in your washer—we’re hooked!

Pretty paper towels from Papaya. (©Papaya Reusables)

Skeptical that you can reuse a paper towel? Don’t be. Papaya’s towels will simply amaze you. Just one of these reusable paper towels replace 17 rolls of paper towels, is anti-bacterial and compostable. Plus, they come in tons of fun patterns. You’ll use it for everything! Simply wet, wipe and hang from the accompanying hook—we hung ours just above the kitchen sink.

A fun organizer from Supernovas’ Volta collection. (©Supernovas)

With its 100 percent recycled designs, you can feel good about having Supernovas’ products in your home. Its Volta collection contains cool, multifunctional pieces of tableware and stationery that pop due to their color and form. Afterlife is a collection of stackable, easy-to-assemble furniture with unique patterns. The company’s repurposing program allows its customers to swap or return their products as their lives and tastes change, ensuring the materials will never become waste again.

Make cleaning your home a breeze with products from ThreeMain. From multi-surface cleaners to dish soap, hand soap, scrubbers, brushes and more, it’s a great sustainable alternative to regular throw-away items. ThreeMain’s aluminum eternity bottles are meant to be refilled and reused and are more stylish than your regular spray bottles. Its plant-based sponges are biodegradable and made with all-natural cellulose—they work on caked-on food and won’t scratch your pans.

Coalatree’s Baseline Midlayer is made with recycled coffee grounds. (©Coalatree)

The Great Outdoors

Eco-minded performance gear manufacturer Coalatree has just launched its tenth Kickstarter campaign. The new Baseline Midlayer is made with recycled coffee grounds, and thus, doesn’t shed any water-harming micro plastics when washed. In addition, its waterless dye saves thousands of gallons of water in each production cycle. The lightweight layer can pack down into its own pocket, making it easily portable; with its carabiner loop, you can attach it to any bag.

Fashionable and functional: Outdoor Products’ Crossbody Bag. (©Outdoor Products)

An industry pioneer in sustainable outdoor gear, Outdoor Products’ stylish duffel bags, backpacks and hydration packs should be your go-to accessories whether you’re out for a hike or a walk around the neighborhood. Those looking for a compact item should try out the cute Crossbody Bag, perfect for storing your wallet, phone, keys and larger items such as binoculars and a first-aid kit. It has an adjustable strap and is made from recycled poly fabric and water bottles. Also made from recycled water bottles is the Daytrip Trail Pack; it makes organization easy and has 2- or 3-liter water reservoirs so you can stay hydrated whenever you’re outdoors.

Cats go crazy for Catit’s Nuna kibble. (©Catit)

Additional Products

For eco-friendly kibble that cats will crave, turn your browser to Catit’s Nuna. It’s based on clean, high-quality insect protein that is 92 percent sustainable. It’s packed with feline superfoods and vitamins to keep your cats in tip-top shape; the fish in the herring recipe is sustainably sourced. Cat parents will also be happy to discover that Catit also produces two sustainably-sourced litters, the Go Natural! Pea Husk Clumping Litter and Go! Natural Wood Clumping Litter. With higher absorbancy rates and unique formulations, the litter clumps better and allows you to use less. And, they’re practically dust-free, so no more pawprints tracked across your floors!

A tote from Coach’s new upcycled collection. (©Coach)

Yes, couture can be eco-friendly. Check out Coach Forever, an assortment of upcycled, remixed and refurbished pieces inspired by the brand’s commitment to reducing its impact on the planet. The pieces are crafted from leathers (which have been vegetable tanned and natural dyed) made with the highest environmental standards, organic cotton and recycled water bottles.

Noshinku’s new mini hand sanitizers. (©Noshinku)

Made from pharmaceutical-grade organic alcohol and 100 percent organic botanticals, you’ve never smelled a hand sanitizer like Noshinku. Its exquisite fragrances nourish hands while killing 99.9 percent of bacteria. The brand just announced a line of refillable minis designed for reuse, so no more waste. The eco-friendly aluminum bottles are also TSA-complaint and perfect for travel.

It’s estimated that 100,000 marine animals die from plastic ingestion annually. Make the planet safer for all creatures with a simple purchase: a pair of Swaggr socks. Plastic containers are chopped, converted to beads and melted into synthetic fibers which are woven into a plastic-based yarn; Swaggr uses 91 percent of the yarn in its proprietary blend. The result is the most plush, luxurious-feeling pair of socks you’ve ever put on your feet. Choose from thigh-high, ankle and crew socks in beautiful colors and patterns.

Swaggr’s socks are soft and plush. (©Swagger)

Tinggly’s gift certificates give the gift of experience, then gives back to the Earth. Choose from hundreds of adventurous, culinary, romantic and bucket-list experiences, there’s literally something for everyone. For every gift given, Tinggly will clean 11 pounds of plastics (the equivalent of 220 plastic bottles) across the globe. It’s also installed trash traps in the rivers of Bali and is working to reduce its carbon footprint  by 200 percent.

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