Spice Up Your Meals with Flavorful Salts from Beautiful Briny Sea

New savory salts from Beautiful Briny Sea, such as Cha Cha Delish, will make your taste buds dance. (©Beautiful Briny Sea)

By Jennifer McKee

Want to kick your dinner entrees up a notch? Make snacks sparkle in just a sprinkle or two? Atlanta-based artisan dry goods company Beautiful Briny Sea has got the solution: gourmet small-batch salts.

The brand is expanding its savory line-up for the first time in five years with the release of three new items: Truffle Honey Sea Salt, Cha Cha Delish Seasoning and Potato Salad Salt.

Made with sea salt, granulated honey and Italian black truffles, Truffle Honey Sea Salt is the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Brighten up your seafood, pork and chicken entrees—we used it to add punch to our shrimp scampi, make a crust on our pork loin (just top with salt, spray with canola oil and stick it under the broiler) and update our chicken salad.

Beautiful Briny Sea’s Truffle Honey Sea Salt. (©Beautiful Briny Sea)

We used Cha Cha Delish to season our vegetables, beans and rice (it pairs nicely with Mexican-style meals), but also fish and steak. This seasoning is a blend of garlic, onion, pepper, citrus, oregano and chiles. Use it as a rub on meats by patting it on both sides for 10-15 minutes before popping into the oven.

Of course, the Potato Salad Salt is fab in the aforementioned side; it tastes great in any type of mayo-based salad you want to make, as well as in any potato dish (we like to substitute it in our scalloped and au gratin potatoes). You’ll also want to add a few dashes of the peppery, herb-based salt to your soups, stews and chilis.

All three of the salts are perfect for topping baked potatoes, popcorn and mixing into your deviled eggs.

Beautiful Briny Sea’s creations have been named one of Southern Living magazine’s “Best Southern Made Foods” are 100 percent handmade using locally grown herbs. The company regularly collaborates with well-known retailers such as Williams Sonoma, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and Whole Foods. In addition to its savory products, Beautiful Briny Sea also produces specialty sugars and gift sets.

Beautiful Briny Sea’s Potato Salad Salt. (©Beautiful Briny Sea)

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