In Good Taste – November/December 2020

By Vera Stewart  |  Photos by Brent Cline and Peter Frank Edwards

T’was the Night  Before Christmas….

Augusta is rich in tradition during holiday time and proudly introduces that concept across the country as food enthusiasts take to the kitchen with cookbooks that have put our city on the culinary map.


Tea-Time at the Masters
Published 1977
I married in 1975 and this book was the talk of the South! It is still one of my favorite “go-to” cookbooks.

Second Round
Tea-Time at the Masters
Published 1988
I was fortunate enough to be asked to submit
a recipe for this book, as I was newly into the
catering business in Augusta.


Creamed Spinach – The Very Vera Cookbook
I was never a fan of cooked spinach until my mother-in-law, Sue Stewart, introduced me to adding nutmeg. The cozy warmth of nutmeg combined with the nuttiness of Parmesan plants this dish right in the middle of fall and winter. 



Come to the Table
Published 2008
Author – Benita Long
Food Editor – Ann Mitchell
Executive Designer – Susan Wilson Photography – Sammy Anderson



TheVeryVera Cookbook

Published 2018
The book brings to life the secrets
of all of my products that were
sold in our facility, online and in
many retail outlets.



Christmas in the South wouldn’t be the same without red velvet cake.  When asked about the flavor, it’s actually a hard question.  I completely go to Christmas in my mind at the site of this cake so I’m in a festive mood when it’s served.  The word “velvet” actually describes the texture perfectly because it literally melts in your mouth with moistness. The buttermilk and cocoa actually give it a slight chocolate taste but it’s truly the cream cheese icing that brings the experience together.



While Visions of Sugar Plums….
Warm Santa’s heart and stomach with a hot chocolate surprise and chocolate spoon when he gets home to Mrs. Claus.


Appears in the November 2020 issue of Augusta Magazine.

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