Inspirational Stories to Keep on Your Radar

By Jennifer McKee

Spend fall with this new crop of series and soon-to-be-released films that will give you something to cheer about.


“Through Greenland”
“Game of Thrones” star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is at the center of “Through Greenland,” in which he aims to traverse the country from north to south and east to west. Along the way, Coster-Waldau visits an air force base where his father worked in the 1950s, interacts with innkeepers and scientists and learns that flexibility is the key to traveling well. The spectacular scenery, along with Coster-Waldau’s fun-loving spirt and genuine interest in the people he meets, makes it a must-watch.

 Available on Topic,

Photo courtesy Through Greenland (photo at top)




“In Kapp to Cape”
In “Kapp to Cape,” explorer, filmmaker and writer Reza Pakravan leaves his comfortable job as a financial analyst in London to cycle the length of the world: from the highest point in Europe to Cape Town, South Africa, which he endeavors to reach in a record 102 days. As with all journeys, there are delays resulting from factors outside our control, although most of us, thankfully, don’t have to fight thieves, battle malaria or stare down the barrel of a militia’s gun. What happens when Reza is pushed to his physical and mental limits? Did he make his final destination, and in record time? You’ll find out in the most compelling of ways.

 Available on Amazon Prime,

Photo courtesy Reza Pakravan




“I Am Woman”
Tilda Cobham-Hervey takes on the fearless spirit of singer Helen Reddy in the biopic “I Am Woman.” In 1966, Reddy left behind her life in Australia in hopes of striking it big in New York City. What she found was a male-dominated business not ready to take her seriously. But Reddy never let that stop her, and with the heart that Cobham-Hervey displays, you’ll think twice before letting anything stop you.

Opens in theaters on September 11. View the trailer:

Photo courtesy Lisa Tomasetti




“My Name is Pedro”
Public education is a passion for South Bronx educator Pedro Santana. He’s known for his maverick, out-of-the box approach that puts children first, no matter what the cost. “My Name is Pedro” follows Santana in his trajectory as he becomes one of the most influential public school teachers in New York, then moves up into administration. Despite the obstacles he faces, Pedro navigates them with grace and dignity. It’s a feel-good movie that parents and children should watch together.

Releasing in virtual theaters in New York on September 17 with other major cities to follow.

Photo courtesy Sweet 180




“The Dark Divide”
A life-changing journey through the undeveloped wildlands of Washington’s Gifford Pinchot National Focus is the focus of “The Dark Divide,” the first film from REI Co-op Studios. It stars David Cross as naturalist and butterfly expert Dr. Robert Pyle, with a supporting cast that includes Debra Messing, David Koerchner, Cameron Esposito and Gary Farmer and is directed by Tom Putnam. “The Dark Divide” is based on a true story and shows you just how complex our relationship to the natural world can be—but makes you want to embrace it just the same.

Debuts September 18; visit for details

Photo courtesy Tom Putnam

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