Publisher Notes: February/March 2020

If you’ve lived in Augusta for any length of time and have a taste for Southern cuisine, then you know of Vera Stewart. Vera, also known as Very Vera, is an entrepreneur, caterer,  Southern cooking show host and most recently, an author. Her cookbook, titled The Very Vera Cookbook – Recipes From My Table, debuted in early 2018.

When I began thinking about what changes I wanted to make for 2020, Vera was at the top of my list. I knew she was extremely busy with her weekly TV show, cooking camps, catering jobs, etc. and wasn’t sure if she would have the time or desire to add to her already plentiful plate.

We sat down with Vera and her creative director, Emily Yates, to begin brainstorming how we could collaborate in a way that was beneficial for both parties. The result – In Good Taste.

In each issue for 2020, we will feature a menu designed by Vera, complete with decor tips for hosting a fabulous brunch, luncheon or dinner party.

Our goal for “In Good Taste” is simple. We want to inspire our readers to host their own gatherings and make the process easier from planning to execution.

I want to thank Vera and her team for graciously agreeing to give of their time and talents. Working with her is tons of fun, not to mention inspiring. I hope you will consider these recipes the next time you host a party or take a dish to a friend’s house. I can promise you I will!

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Appears in the February/March 2020 issue of Augusta Magazine.

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