Up Front: August – September 2016

Upfront-f7d99a85It seems appropriate that my swan song as editor of Augusta Magazine comes with the annual arts issue. Though I don’t claim to be an artist of any sort, I feel a spiritual connection to art in all its many expressions and to those who create it, which has enriched my life in Augusta.

My tenure as editor has afforded me a unique and wonderful opportunity to get to know many of the outstanding people who make Augusta such a great place to live. In looking back over the past few days I realize that I haven’t really worked for Morris Communications for 20 years but rather for the readers of Augusta Magazine, who have supported me in my effort to edit a publication that reflects the positive aspects of the city—one readers could be proud of. With the assistance of an infinitely talented and creative group of writers, designers and photographers as well as a network of invaluable friends and colleagues, I like to think that goal was achieved much of the time. I could not have done it without all of you.

Equally important has been the support of the those of you in the community who have welcomed me into your homes and shared your lives with me. From you I was able to gain the knowledge and creative inspiration necessary to do my job. I have made many friends among you and am a better person for it.

As I look ahead with excitement to the next phase of my life, I will not forget your generosity and friendship and will keep my memories of this time close to my heart.


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  • Episode 5: The Change Maker Deke Copenhaver
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  • Episode 3: Don 'Ramblin' Rhodes
    In this episode we sit down with the one and only Ramblin' Rhodes. We intended to talk about music history and the history of Augusta, but as many front porch conversations, it took a turn. It was a good turn.
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    In this episode we sit down with award winning author and columnist, Brian Panowich. As you know we are still figuring out this podcasting thing. We promise our will get better. Enjoy


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