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P.I. Bar & Grill
2110 Walton Way • Augusta


Since humble beginnings in the early 1900s, the Partridge Inn has evolved with the times, consistently elevating the experience of staying, and dining, at the historic hotel. Alongside a recent renovation, the P.I. Bar & Grill welcomes executive chef Robert Plouffe, an innovative chef with a diverse culinary and pastry background influenced by his time in France, Jamaica, New Orleans and more. With French Canadian heritage, Chef Plouffe brings creative twists on traditional Southern fare that are sure to wow native Augustans and newcomers alike.

With each of his moves, Plouffe dedicates his time to exploring the local food culture to fully understand the ingredients of the region and incorporate them in the most delicious and unique way possible. He believes tasting the different varieties of produce first-hand at the farms, and spending time getting to know the local farmers opens a world of possibility. It’s his desire to transfer the passion from the farmer to the guest in his dishes; to surprise and delight the diner by taking something old and making it new again.

“In France, the chef brings his family’s beef bourguignon recipe to the kitchen, and then elevates it for the restaurant. Here, it’s my goal to do the same with local dishes – to bring something creative to match the flavors of the region,” Plouffe said. For example, true to the South, the P.I. Bar & Grill offers a mac & cheese, but Plouffe’s version features Andouille sausage, country ham, pork belly, smoked gouda and aged cheddar—a comforting Southern staple with an inspired culinary flair.

Menus change with the seasons, but Plouffe’s take on a charcuterie board is available year-round—a “make your own bruschetta” of sorts with olive rosemary bread, flat bread crackers and a fried pita, alongside a variety of grilled vegetables, pickled onion, tomato salad, and unique meats.

“As a cook, there will be a point when you’re not just a cook – you are creative and love food and take it to the next level,” Plouffe said. We’re excited to experience how he continues to do just that at the P.I. Bar & Grill.




A little something extra

We all have favorite dishes from childhood, and Plouffe’s heritage plays into one of his favorites to incorporate into the menu – a bit of nostalgia fondly named “Child Memory.” A lemon curd tart topped with a sugar “sand trail,” berries and flowers alongside a chocolate “footprint” is reminiscent of one of his favorite experiences and desserts made by his mother. “Mom would always call me in when it was time to eat after playing outside, and we would walk in the door with dirty footprints,” said Plouffe. Now he offers that memory to guests in a playful and inventive dish that takes a walk down Plouffe’s memory lane.”




1204 Broad St. •


Finish this trio: burger, fries and… I know what you’re thinking: milkshake. An iconic combination, the milkshake fits perfectly in the trifecta, and Farmhaus Burger certainly knows how to craft the perfect shake. With the original location on Broad Street in downtown Augusta, and now a second on Flowing Wells Road, diners looking for their milkshake fix can indulge in the goodness at two spots in town. And when a regular milkshake is delicious, a spiked milkshake is the proverbial “cherry on top.”

With a passion for local food & handcrafted ingredients, Chef Sean Wight and the Farmhaus team incorporate Atlanta-based organic High Road Ice Cream into their milkshakes. By working directly with a local ice cream maker, Farmhaus ensures a higher quality product and teamwork that makes the ice cream dream work.

Popular flavors for the sweet creamy drink that doubles as dessert include the kid-friendly Oreo, and Nana’s Puddin’ for the adults looking to kick it up a notch. A perfect twist on a classic Southern dessert, this boozy milkshake features High Road Ice cream, banana rum, Irish cream and vanilla wafers. A bit crunchy, a lot creamy, and a flavor combination will take you right back to your grandmother’s porch on a summer afternoon.

Have a flavor idea? Head on over to one of Farmhaus Burger’s locations and share with their team while you’re sipping this month’s shake!

“We put a lot of thought into what seasonal ingredients we can incorporate in our shakes.”

—Megan Thrash, Farmhaus Burger’s
Director of Operations




2705 Cobbham Rd, Thomson, GA

Years ago if you attended any wedding, shower or a dinner in the South, you’d find one thing in common: cheese straws. Today, Tommy Samuels, owner and operator of Chinaberry Foods, continues that tradition in Thomson, Ga. with a recipe that rivals any cheese straw you’ve ever tasted. With the perfect combination of sharp cheddar flavor and a bit of a bite, Chinaberry Foods’ recipe is one that is handmade with care and passed down for generations.

After 25 years in the travel industry, Samuels began looking for a new career venture. While assisting his wife with her antique shop located in the building that was Samuels’ father’s country store, they decided to move the shop across the street so Samuels could use the country store’s kitchen to pursue his love of cooking.

“Growing up in a small town there are always individuals who are known for a specific dish or item they produce from their kitchens,” Samuels said. The inspiration for the cheese straw came when his dear friend in town known for her cheese straws passed away. He wanted to produce something that wasn’t readily available in stores and this was the perfect fit.



Here’s the Scoop!



Word-of-mouth quickly grew his venture. With a passion for quality, Samuels and his family hand make each batch to ensure consistency in taste and appearance. And there’s something unique about the appearance of his cheese straws. Samuels’ products are shaped as a square wafer, perfect for snacking, and for stacking and shipping all over the United States. While Chinaberry Foods keeps its recipe under wraps, you’re guaranteed to feel nostalgia from this combination of freshly grated cheese, butter, flour and a blend of spices.

“It’s a business I never dreamed I would be associated with but I really enjoy what I do,” Samuels said. “I think it is really neat that I get to do it in a house that has been in my family for several generations.”

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